Our company lives by these values:

  1. IMPACT: We are dedicated to having a positive impact. We believe in a fair economy, social justice, and a healthy environment—and we bring passion to our work to advance these goals.
  2. INNOVATION: We recognise the unique value and creative potential in everyone. We are committed to honouring and supporting this potential by inspiring the teacher in everyone.
  3. COMMUNITY: We respect and honour everyone – our people, our consumers, our local and global partners, and our planet.
  4. COURAGE: We are entrepreneurial, taking calculated risks to surpass our expectations.
  5. FAIRNESS: We celebrate the power of technology to transform lives. We commit to helping people use technology creatively and ethically. We make judgements free from discrimination and dishonesty.
  6. TENACITY: We have the grit and dogged determination it takes to revolutionise the way the world learns.